Koop CLI v0.6.0 release: enhanced development experience

Dec 12, 2019 • Haoliang Yu

We are excited to introduce a new minor release v0.6.0 for Koop CLI. Multiple new features are added in this release to enhance the development experience.

Watch mode

One annoying thing of using the serve command for an app under development is that it doesn’t know code change. If you want to test your new code, the app has to be restarted manually.

With the new watch option, the serve command can watch any file change in the local directory and restart the app automatically on change. The feature leverages the nodemon module for file monitoring and app restarting.

Try it with

koop serve --watch

Debug mode

In previous releases, console message is the only way to debug an app running with serve command. This creates a lot of inconvenience when developing a complex project.

With the new debug, the server command can also invoke the Node.js inspector for the running app. The inspector listens at the default hostname and port (

Try it with

koop serve --debug

Yarn support

npm is the default npm package manager used by the CLI. In this release, the support to yarn is added.

To start a new project using yarn, you can use the --npm-client option in new command.

koop new app my-test-app --npm-client=yarn

To change the package manager of an existing project, you can update the koop.json file and update the npmClient value.

  "npmClient": "yarn"


Alongside these new features, we continue to refine Koop project templates by removing unnecessary code and adding more tests. The project created by the new CLI will include more robust code and a cleaner structure.

We hope you will find this release useful. Happy coding :)