Koop uses providers to transform data from different sources to GeoJSON. Once data is formatted to GeoJSON it can be cached, queried and transformed to various outputs.

Officially Supported

name                                         version build status compatibility
ArcGIS Online npm travis 3.0.0-alpha.29
AWS S3 Select npm travis 3.x
File GeoJSON npm travis 3.x
Gist npm travis 2.x
GitHub npm travis 3.x
Google Analytics npm travis 3.x
Google Fusion Tables npm NA 3.x
Google Sheets npm travis 3.x
Marklogic npm NA 3.x
Socrata npm travis 3.x
Socrata npm travis 2.x


name                                         version build status compatibility
American Community Survey npm NA  
CKAN npm travis 2.x
Decennial Census Data npm NA  
GeoCommons npm NA  
MongoDB NA NA  
OpenStreetMap npm NA  
VRBO npm NA  
Yelp npm NA 3.x
Salesforce npm Build Status 3.x
OGC API - Features npm Build Status 3.x

Third Party

name                                         version build status compatibility
Citybikes NA NA  
Cloudant npm NA  
CSV npm travis 3.x
CSV-ntkog npm NA 3.x
Postgres/PostGIS NA NA 3.x
Strava npm travis 3.x
Zillow npm NA 3.x
OpenDataSoft npm Build Status 3.x
Carto npm NA 3.x
ServiceNow NA NA 3.x

Know of any providers that aren’t listed below? Please let us know by submitting an issue!

Create a Provider

We encourage you to create your own provider! Check out Koop-CLI and the provider specification.

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